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finder. A cigarette in the left hand when it should be in the right, a prematurely melted ice cube in a half-empty glass of...
Meredith is a continuity girl. Her job is to make sure that the details in every scene on a film shoot are consistent. She is the error catcher. The needle- n-the-haystack
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Leah McLaren has been a national columnist with the Globe and Mail since 1999. From 2002-2004 she served as London correspondent, and was nominated for a National Newspaper Award for her work there.
Her first novel, The Continuity Girl, published by HarperCollins Canada and Warner US, was an instant national bestseller, spending nine weeks on the Globe and Mail bestseller list.

Her screenplay, Abroad, based on her experiences as a Canadian reporter in London, was produced and shot as a feature-length television movie for CBC television last year, starring Liane Balaban. Leah is currently developing a TV drama for CBC and is at work on her second novel for HarperCollins.
Her writing has also been published in The Sunday Telegraph, The London Evening Standard, The Times of London, Fashion, Flare and Report on Business and the Spectator, where she served as a regular contributor from 2001-2003.

Leah attended McGill and Trent Universities and graduated with an honours degree in English Literature. She was born in rural Ontario, grew up in a small town and now splits her time between Toronto and London, England.